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What... IS this?

It's a spoon. And yet, it's also a fork. Or is it either? It's a video game-type thing developed by Luke Tarlowe (formerly known as "Thunder Dragon").  A console-styled platformer with an action-adventure feel, complete with an expansive storyline featuring multifaceted characters across a widely varied world.

Each new level is completely unique from the last. 

With an emphasis on variety through the constant introduction of new gimmicks and ways to play, Psycutlery is a game that prompts the question: "what's next?!"

Take control of Lillian the Alien and her mind-controlled spork (that YOU can name).  Grab things.  Throw things.  Eat things.  Jump in mid-air up to five times!  Bring down an incomprehensible abomination of evil with a single piece of silverware (plus around 30 different power-ups!), and witness copious craziness unfold across Planet Geozaic!

Some things to note...

For best results, playing with a gamepad is recommended (as this is a console style platformer designed and tested with a controller in mind).  Keyboard controls are supported, but not preferred.  But hey.  Options!  Whatever you use, all controls are rebindable to custom user specifications.

Note that this game, though more or less family friendly, may contain some scary parts and dark storytelling moments that might not be suitable for small children.

Around a decade in development, and... it's free??

Yep.  All I want is to share my work and keep enjoying my game development hobby (without any of the stresses that come from the business side of things)!

This is the full, completed game.  I would like to think of it having ample length and quality comparable to that of a commercial game.  It's a completely original work, having been started between 2011 and 2012.  All characters, art, music and so on are original to this project.  Music was made with the help of me and a few friends (with most of the musical contributions coming from my friend Jon AKA DJ Yoshiman), while everything else has been solo developed by me.  There are absolutely no microtransactions or anything of that sort.  No catches to be found here - I just wish to share my passion with all who might appreciate it.

Do you like this game?  If so, I'd greatly appreciate it if you could share it with others who might feel the same!

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Rated 4.7 out of 5 stars
(15 total ratings)
AuthorLuke Tarlowe
GenrePlatformer, Adventure
Made withUnity
Tags2D, Cute, Experimental, Female Protagonist, Funny, Pixel Art, Side Scroller, Spooky, Story Rich
Average sessionA few minutes
InputsKeyboard, Gamepad (any)
AccessibilityConfigurable controls
LinksDiscord, Twitter, Homepage, Soundtrack


Psycutlery - COMPLETE - Feb 2024.zip 420 MB

Install instructions

Once downloaded, please be sure to remove the game - that is, the "Psycutlery" folder - from the .zip file and put it somewhere on your PC before playing, otherwise it might not work! :)

Development log


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Hi, I'm almost near the end of the game, and I've been having a fantastic time with it so far!

This might sound embarrassing, but I'm trying to beat it 100%, and there's apparently an ability that helps you track those little eye medallions down if you're stumped (something I very much need for one of the late-game levels), but I have no idea.

Either way, thank you so much for bringing us this wonderful game, for FREE no less!

Hi!  If you return to a level you've beaten, there are hints on the checkpoint select screen - depending on which checkpoint you select, one of the eyeball spaces will glow, indicating that the corresponding item may be found someplace within the vicinity of that checkpoint.  Otherwise, I can give more in-depth hints if you want to get more specific~


I just wrote a review but wanted to leave a comment as well so that anyone could see it!
Psycutlery is a fantastic game and a must-play for any platformer lover. It is constantly coming up with fresh ideas that are expanded over the courses of multiple stages, and is a joy to play.
I spent more than 12 hours to 100% the game, but it turns out there is then an alternate route to replay all of it! All for the price of... free! Oh, and the music is awesome as well.

One last comment to Luke as an answer to the credits: I think anyone who had played your previous works already knew it, but Psycutlery is the definitive proof you needed to know that yes, indeed, you know how to make a terrific game. Keep up the good work, I loved this one, congrats!


I much appreciate it!  Thank you!  Thank you for the review as well - I will actually agree, as I found when replaying this during final testing, that it might indeed be more fun to save all the secret levels until after you've beaten the main story once, heh.


just knowing that you're the person who made masterpieces like Psycho waluigi and the Toad strikes back series has sold me on this game. This is my favorite game of all time already and it hasn't finished downloading. That's how you know it's good.


"The Definition of Stars" is an absolute masterpiece.


Thank you!! I'm surprised at how I built it up, but I'm glad I had a main song theme for the game that could serve as a motif for a number of the other songs in Psycutlery!


Yeah, I RULE! I'"ve completed everything", with Lilian that is. I might do Naillil's route soon or later if I remember to keep my savegame, it seems to have a different flavour and I like the alternative pieces of writing.

The party at the end of the last level B-side was a indeed a pretty cool twist on what looked like an anticlimatic lazy B-Side considering the other ones have consistently been very good twists on the main level.

For a game made "without a vision" it was alright I guess, just kidding the game's pretty great.

The visuals are detailed and the soundtrack is ambitious. The characters are cool.

The game is consistently pleasant to control whatever the limitations or twists on control, I like the logical placement of the eyes (and the hint about the part of a level you missed one) so you can look for them without breaking the pacing, the B-Sides are pretty good and overall the levels do feel distinct.

Congratulations and thanks for sharing, I've always been and will always be amazed by freewares which are better (including more ambitious) than most commercial games and will spread the word about the game whenever an opportunity cames along.

Thank you for your kind words!  And yeah, I learned while making this that doing alternate versions of bosses isn't as easy as it seems, especially final bosses, hence why I had to throw in a little something extra there. :)


Hi. I started a let's play for this here. I'll be posting new videos every other day:

Just to let you know, I've been checking out every one. Keep it up! 👍


"Huh, this kind of reminds me of Psycho Waluigi, I wonder if HOLY CRAP"

Yeah, that was my train of thought. I loved that silly little fangame, but even apart from that, Psycutlery is fantastic in its own right. A must-play for any lover of 2D platformers. Thank you so much for sharing your wonderful work with us!

You're welcome, and thank you for playing!!

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It's apparently going to take some 5 hours for Youtube to process my video so I'll come back later when it's done.. But, I just wanted to say this is one of the best platformers I've played in years.  Fun combat, great level design, and a whimsical story.  Art wise too!  It feels like it would have fit in alongside Sonic and Ristar on my shelf of Genesis games, and I absolutely love games that were part of the Genesis library.  

I hope more people find this and give it a chance, as it's a really great game.  Thanks for this, it's been a great start to 2024!

Video has published: 

Thank you so much for your kind words!!  This is SO greatly appreciated - means a lot.

While I never aimed to mimic a certain console style when making this, I really like that you came up with the Genesis comparison - despite taking much of my inspiration from Nintendo, I was in fact more of a Sega kid during that console war in the early nineties!