A downloadable game for Windows

What... IS this?

It's a spoon. And yet, it's also a fork. Or is it either? It's a video game-type thing currently in development by Luke Tarlowe (formerly known as "Thunder Dragon").  A platformer with an action-adventure feel, complete with an expansive storyline featuring multifaceted characters across a widely varied world.

Each new level is completely unique from the last. 

With an emphasis on variety through the constant introduction of new gimmicks and ways to play, Psycutlery is a game that prompts the question: "what's next?!"

Take control of Lillian the Alien and her mind-controlled spork (that YOU can name).  Grab things.  Throw things.  Eat things.  Jump in mid-air up to five times!  Bring down an incomprehensible abomination of evil with a single piece of silverware (plus around 30 different power-ups!), and witness copious craziness unfold across Planet Geozaic!

Oh hey, there's a playable demo...

This demo contains the first six levels (out of a planned 50) plus six secret levels, making for a total of 12 (out of a planned 100) along with additional content. This demo is a work in progress, but only shows a tiny fraction of said progress!  Also, the completed version won't have the "Made With Unity" logo. Promise.

Still being worked on!

Of course, the completed game will feature other surprises like unicorn riding and puppy petting, but still.  That logo will be gone.  Eventually!

For best results, playing with a gamepad is recommended.  Keyboard controls are supported, but not preferred.  But hey.  Options!  Whatever you use, all controls are rebindable to custom user specifications.

So, when's this done?

While we cannot yet give a definite release date (let's just say an eventual console release is a priority!), Psycutlery is now in the late stages of development after having been worked on for over six years.  So the answer is: "Uh, soon?  Maybe?"

Until the completed version arrives, we'd love it if you could...



PsycutleryDemoWindows2021.zip 357 MB